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Wow, it’s almost the end…

Ok, one way to make up for lost blogging days….post your “drafts.”
Yeah, I think I’ve posted four or five blogs left on or is it “in” “draft” status. Of course, I believe that most of the were combined in another blog, but as I said in one, “oh well.”

I’m just pleased “TO BE.”.




Now off to read some statistical analyses. Type to you next year. 👽👽👽👽😜

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Yeah, I wonder.

Green Glossary

Parabens: Widely used antimicrobial preservatives that enable cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceuticals products, and food to be stored for relatively long periods of time without spoiling. Parabens stimulate estrogen in the body, and have been found in cancerous breast tumors – typically, they enter the body through the skin via deodorants, antiperspirants, lotions, or body sprays and they accumulate until they reach a threshold where they can trigger tumor development.

Don’t buy anything with the word: paraben: anywhere on the label, You’ll see other natural perservatives there instead, such as grapefruit seed extract, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, sorbic acid, tocopherol (vitamin E), retinyl (vitamin A), and asorbic acid (vitamin C).

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