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attack the snack pack

It’s lunchtime: Do you know how much trash your kids are generating? There’s a movement afoot to reduce waste at lunch and snack time, through special containers with reusable compartments.

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periodical donations

If you get a lot of magazines at work, consider passing them on before they’re recycled. Schools often use them for collages and art projects and nursing homes, libraries and women’s shelters may also be interested. Just make sure to call and see if they’re welcome before making the drop-off.

Weekend green tips

OKIEDOKIE, here is the weekend in one post.

green gifts for grads

Send the grads in your life out into the real world with an easy-on-the-earth gift. Consider an organic cotton dress shirt for internships or job interviews, shares of stock in a socially responsible company, or, if you know where they’ll be setting up house, a membership in a local food co-op, and a tote for bringing the groceries home.

stoop at nothing

This is the year for a garage it stoop sale – whisk through the house and garage and set aside everything that you don’t use, but someone else could.

and finally,

one man’s trash

Give – and get- all kinds of goodies at a center that collects naterials for the arts. From fabric to paint to cloth to doll parts, you never know what you’ll find, and they’ll take almost anything.

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