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A walk before work…

Hehehe, I am always doing something freaky. The colour change in the text means they were after thoughts, tidbits after the edit. call them my “after the show moments.”

the “rock garden” at my work

a shot of the early morning sky

Got to the office @ 0711, weather PERFECT for So i decided to take a little stroll before 0800 and just enjoy the fresh air before being confined to a desk… For 9 hrs.

Just saw Harlan from work. He”s a cyclist. He rides in to work just about everyday and sometimes during lunch. Dedication and passion, thats what he has.

I am hoping that the weather holds out for the weekend. Other than doing laundry, i want to get out and about and take a few photos. I think i am going to make a few snacks and pack up the ole backpack with a few cameras and extra batteries and re-familiarise myself with my city, hell with my neighbourhood. I think I am going to jump on the bus, and just ride, ride, ride!

I want to “pimp” out my mobile. How, i want to switch out the red keys for black. I think it would look neat. Black keys against a burgundy backdrop, and when illumed…i am thinking……. beauteous. 😀 That idea came to me last night. I think. I am realllllly liking the new phone. The cam isn’t the greatest, but….it is a phone, if you want camera quality pics…USE A CAMERA!!!

It has been a bit quiet on the tube. The calm before the storm perhaps? Quien sabes, quien? I do have a few ideas…”new” ideas banging about. I could finish the unfinished…naaah. I am not quite ready to do that yet. You know what Cathy? I may take this quiet time to resolve those unanswered questions; and to have a bit of fun.

Well, i’ve made the block, two actually. It is now 0725.
That did not take long at all. Tomorrow I will increase it by two!

We shall type again soon.

the WILL and the WORD