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today as you can tell

has been a day of experimentation. i think i am liking this new phone.
no let me change that i am liking the ease of use. let’s face it the
other comm devices i have are light years ahead of this, but the
simplicity of design..ahhh i think i am in love. so i pray thee allow
this to be your warning. i have a few more test to run. the next…
the use of the video cam and embedding!!!! yeah, i can be “nerd-like.”


The WILL focuses the WORD. The WORD gives meaning to the EVENT. Focus
your WILL, speak the WORD and the EVENT will happen.


Lets see if this does what i want it to do

I believe this is a stairwell.(31 Aug: yeppers, that is exactly what it is..a stairwell. ooo just saw the reflection)

And some lights