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It’s Friday night and…




Drew, WTFrak?
This is the Frak, I’m going through the photo stream and picking images and then below hashtaging my “thoughts” when I look at it the image.

Is there a “spell checking” NEVERMIND….I told you I wasn’t a complete load… 🙂



oops, wow, it’s 4:40 am… was only 8:00 when I started this. Can’t believe that I literally fell asleep at my desk.

a pui tardi


Americans: Happy Thanksgiving / Everyone else: Hey! :-)


However, me being the patak (I speak Klingon better than I write it) I am, let me ask my American brothers and sisters and transgendered folk just what are we celebrating?

This is how I remember it….

Pale faces coming to these lands, telling the natives, who have lived here….well FOREVER….well as long as they can remember that how they live is WRONG. That their(pale face) way was the only true way, the RIGHT way.

Pale faces telling the natives that the way they worship and commune with THEIR higher power is WRONG. And that their (pale face) way was the only true way, the RIGHT way.

Then after they came, the natives started to die…illnesses they have never seen….are killing them. But that’s THEIR FAULT, because of how THEY lived. That is until they (pale face) came and told us … That their way was the only true way, the RIGHT way. Oh, their God is punishing those who refuse him.

That is what I seem to remember.

Hey, isn’t gluttony a sin? So, I guess this holiday is sanctioned by God and the rules are suspended?

I don’t know. This is where I went…..where I was lead to go, and now I am done!


Complications …

Why do we complicate the simple?

Tech is a wonderful thing, HOWEVER,

Well, apparently my “smartphone” can “instantly transmit your blog to its preferred site. What they do not tell you is that you have to have this setting and that setting, click here and point your browser there bingo, bango boom…your blog is posted. ARRRRGH. Do ya see where I am going with this?

No where really?