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It’s Friday night and…




Drew, WTFrak?
This is the Frak, I’m going through the photo stream and picking images and then below hashtaging my “thoughts” when I look at it the image.

Is there a “spell checking” NEVERMIND….I told you I wasn’t a complete load… 🙂



oops, wow, it’s 4:40 am… was only 8:00 when I started this. Can’t believe that I literally fell asleep at my desk.

a pui tardi


G+ to WP

I thought that I would be able to C&P my G+ post, but alas…..NO

Some earth shattering news…. Today, I received my first “blue screen error.


This photo reminds me of the Star Trek epi “Let that be your Last Battlefield.”

I’ve lost my train of thought. That’s the “problem” with drafts. I draft it “because something more ‘important’ came up, and then I lose the momentum.


As I get my thoughts together

Listening to…
my breathing
thinking about the weekend

the spice…brings…

saw the new Star Trek movie
it was AWESOME. Dave and I went Saturday. The special effects, the dialogue, the actors….this film was and is worthy of the name "Star Trek." this film will start a new generation of Trekkers. The demographic represented in the theatre was surprising.

There was a moment of self-realisation hit. The whole age thing. I don't know: perhaps seeing Nimoy looking haggard and well … Old (but he is an ancient Vulcan) I don't know for a moment my own mortality flashed forward.

Only had, I think three freak-outs
it was odd. The day before, while watching "I know who killed me" the female lead related a story I used to often relate as to why I don't do the cinema. "I'll protect you." this was after my pre-freak out about being killed… I thought it was an odd thing to say, yet, it made me say hummm. It made me feel safe. That lead to another set of flashes. Yeah me !!!

wowzers! that was a quickie!

whew, that was refreshing.

it was meant to be a vlog, contributing to the “what is art?” thread. however, as she often does – inspiration came in a different form – a brown paper bag.

nonetheless, the vlog is recorded. effects added. now to get it posted. according to the manual I should be able to post it from my phone. the manual says to save the vid to card – then move it from the card to internal memory – open browser, select html, and post. geez louise, that is too time consuming. I may just wait until tomorrow.

I may play around with posting from e-mail.

the biggest loser – a really interesting show.