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Ho ripulito la cartella bozze


Yep, cleaned out the ole drafts folder. Too many fragmented thoughts. Issues -that worth commenting on THEN, that aren’t terribly important now.

As I started my hydration sequence this morning, questions started to pop into my head. Questions like,

Why can’t you blog everyday?

Why won’t you blog everyday?

For “complete happiness” (whatever that may be) what would I be willing to give up?

Can I help someone who does not want to be helped?

Why should I even care?

When am I going to work on developing a “normal” sense of humour?

Can a person be too smart/intelligent? (I think I’ve asked this before)

Is it ego? Why can’t {insert name} just see that I am “right?”

All of that whilst having a bottle of water. Wowsers!

Ora, un tentativo di rispondere a poche, se quelle domande.

But in no particular order. 🙂

Of late, I am having to ask people to explain their “jokes” to me. I just don’t get them. It’s a wee be disconcerting when someone has to tell you, “thats supposed to be funny.” my response, a furrowed brow and a delayed laugh (if I like you) or my usual, “how is that funny?” Now don’t get me wrong, I find many things hilarious. I am chuckling right now. So the development of a sense-a normal sense- of humour is on the list.

This is a two-fer. I am he. He is me. We are..

This is an easy one. For “complete happiness” [whatever that is] I would give up….

I do have a lot to say. I have thoughts, ideas, moments of “clarity” – my BOOYAKITTY moments. But, just because I can say it, should I?

Yeah it is. However, there is something to learn from the experiences of others. It’s not really about being “right” or “wrong”.

Il gioco è fatto. 🙂

a pui tardi


Shank, Antarctica and Permanent Residence – movies

Let’s see how this flows…

Here are a few “watch em if ya have the time” movies.

A lighter look at queer life is uncovered in Antarctica, a sexy, wry comedy from acclaimed director/writer Yair Hochner (The Good Boys).

Miki likes Ronen. Ronen likes Omer. Omer likes Danny. Danny likes Boaz. Michal likes Shirley and Boaz likes everyone. But is anyone really feeling that spark, the spark that thaws a frozen heart? In this world, love can be anything: complicated, controversial, bold, or hilarious. So one question remains: is love really dead, or are we just looking in all the wrong places?

Shank is a very violent British film that plays, at times, like a hybrid of A Clockwork Orange andTrainspotting – with maybe a little bit of Larry Clark’s Kids and Bullythrown in for good measure. This bunch likes to film their assaults on cellphones, in much the same way that Cal has all of his tricks film his sex acts. The senseless brutality of the gay bashing is amplified by the use of a handheld video camera that adds an unbearable documentary realism to the scene. The violence throughout Shank is often almost unwatchable; there is a rape scene that is shocking in its savagery. The antics of our gang are a little over the top but I believe that was the filmmakers’ intention because their mischief stands out in stark contrast with the loving relationship that develops between Cal and Olivier, the kid who was bashed.

Permanent Residence examines the limit of life.  The film explores the near true-life story of a young Chinese man (said to be a semi-autobiography of the film’s writer/producer), who seeks a long-term relationship with a straight friend. The friend is aware of his inclination, and is happy to befriend him, but is very reluctant to express open affection for him or to become emotionally involved.

excerpts found on the web.

Settings and computer gremlins

I have no bloody clue why this does what it does.

Hell, I keep setting my language to English US and it reverts back to English UK.
(perhaps the computer gods know that my ultimate plan is to leave these United States and become a subject of the crown.

DON’T KNOW WHY, but I love all things British (except some of the food) and have felt this way for years…..maybe it was the Diana phenom, no it was even before then. exploration…think drew, think.

I’ll check in later.

I am sad, confused and just plain bothered

that’s all…

troubling evening
received a crappy e-mail about crap.

tired of being given ultimatums.
threats , just like torture do not provide TRUE results.

well, today I am alive and feel better than I have in months.



A rainy day in Norfolk.
it is amazing what a shave and a haircut can do for a guy.

now just sitting with the lights off, burning a Patchouli candle, listening to Flunk and the sound of the rain and wind.

started working on a few projects.