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Sunday wrap up and another experiment

let’s see how well this works. I am curious to see how this posts.

The weekend comes to end.

Tried to post a vlog: “skye inspired”. it was rejected by YouTube. I didn’t think it would pass muster. then why? because I could. I thought it was 10 min OR 1 gb or less. well the 10 minute thing applied. (David did make a valid point. he said that if it is too long people could lose interest)

Poke salad (some people call it Pork salad, poke salit) . . . saw some in Michelle’s back yard. have to research on how to prepare it. if I recall correctly, it is prepared like spinach.

drugs….humm. now a sticky wicket. is is riding the fence to say all drugs EXCEPT pot is bad? Does she (Mother Culture) really say that? hummm

now I am just settling in. have a new playlist. artists include All India Radio, Kaunesh, Loreleila, Bludolf, Angelo Lizzio, Enigma, Sleepthief, Mim and a few others. a few vocals, but primarily just mellow relaxing tones. no lights, incense burning, curtains open, breeze blowing — ahhh.

And finally, thanks




A rainy day in Norfolk.
it is amazing what a shave and a haircut can do for a guy.

now just sitting with the lights off, burning a Patchouli candle, listening to Flunk and the sound of the rain and wind.

started working on a few projects.