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Yeah, it’s that time #photoadayApril

A few hrs early, but it’s in the bag…been put to bed.


Gearing up for…..



No more excuses….well

I’ve been gifted with a new toy. So, now I really have no reason NOT to blog more frequently.


Good afternoon, I am in a mood. Let’s call this one … BeTrayAL


intriguer, Judas kiss, deception, dishonesty, , wrathful, double-dealing, idler, duplicity, falseness, giveaway, let-down, perfidy, sell-out, treachery, treason, trickery, unfaithfulness, Judas, back-stabber, betrayer, collaborator, scoundrel, colluder, defector, deserter, double-crosser, double-dealer, snake in the grass, sympathizer, turncoat, two-timer, Benedict Arnold, Judas, apostate, tattletale, back-stabber, betrayer, conspirator, hateful, deceiver, defector, deserter, double-crosser, fink, hypocrite, impostor, informer, miscreant, quisling, rebel, renegade, snake, sneak , snitch, snitcher, spy, squealer, stool pigeon, traducer, treasonist, turncoat, two-timer, whistle-blower, wolf, cheat, con artist, deceiver, unpropitious, deluder, dissimulator, equivocator, fabler, fabricator, fabulist, false witness, falsifier, malevolent, fibber, maligner, misleader, perjurer, prevaricator, tramp, promoter, storyteller, trickster, beggar, black sheep, blackguard, bully, bum, cad, cardsharp, , cheat, delinquent, devil, disgrace, felon, fraud, good-for-nothing, grafter, hooligan, hypocrite, imp, liar, loafer, mischief-maker, miscreant, opportunist, pretender, backslider, prodigal, profligate, recreant, reprobate, robber, double-crossing , rowdy, ruffian, scamp, skunk, sneak, swindler, tough, trickster, varmint, villain, wastrel, wretch, angry, atrocious, bad, baneful, base, beastly, calamitous, corrupt, damnable, depraved, charlatan , destructive, disastrous, execrable, flagitious, foul, harmful, heinous, hideous, iniquitous, injurious, loathsome, low, maleficent, malicious, malignant, nefarious, no good, obscene, phony, offensive, pernicious, poison, rancorous, reprobate, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, spiteful, stinking, ugly, unpleasant, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked, wrong.

I’ve got your number.

I’ve always had it, just wanted to give you’re the benefit of the doubt.

You’ve proved…people don’t change.

I’ve tried to listen, tried to counsel.

I keep forgetting, you just want validation for your FU$%ED up thoughts and assertions.

Supported you when you “needed” it.

That has become a daily chore. More than anyone can handle, ask your mate.

Listened when I would have rather EATEN GLASS.

Me, Me, My, My, I, I, mine, mine

Whine, whine, moan, moan

You set the tone.

So now, once again, because..I don’t know why,

just because you are who you are.

I am stuck, with my ass hanging out, wondering….WTF?

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me thrice, Drew, you are an IDIOT!

Whew, ok, I feel a little better. NOT much, but a bit..