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Günaydın!, ¡Buenos días!, صباح الخير!, Buon giorno!, おはようございます!

Good morning! 🙂

Working on a vlog on How to Be a Good Listener. We’ll see how that pans out.
Also working on re-formatting this blogspot. Tell me what you think? I liked the Buddha template, but depending on how I posted (mobile, ipod or PC) some of the text blocks were “hidden.”

Consider this….
Rapt attention is total focus. Learning to wield your attention like a powerful spotlight that illuminates your carefully chosen “target”–a sight or sound, thought, or feeling–helps you control your daily life, increases your concentration, expands your boundaries, and lifts your spirits. Most important, the rapt experience of being completely absorbed in a sunset or a song, a project or a person, simply makes life worth living.

Humm, another vlog idea.

Have I ever mentioned I AM ADDICTED!!! I just love music!

No, not really, just typing as things come to me.

Thought about Dr. Laura again. I’ve discussed the “N-word” (Nigger) on the Tube. It has been discussed and discussed and yet, no answers. How is this for an answer? JUST STOP USING IT. No matter who says it, White, Black, Latino or Asian…IT IS A WORD THAT MAKES PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE AND HAS THE WORST CONNOTATION. There!

Who said,

“Guarda i tuoi pensieri, perché diventano parole.
Guarda le tue parole, perché diventano azioni.
Guarda le vostre azioni, perché diventano abitudini.
Guarda le tue abitudini, diventano per carattere.
Guarda il tuo carattere, perché diventa il tuo destino. “

“Mira tus pensamientos, porque ellos se convierten en palabras.
Cuida tus palabras, para que se conviertan en acciones.
Vea sus acciones, porque ellos se convierten en hábitos.
Añada a sus hábitos, para que se conviertan en carácter.
Mira a tu personaje, ya que se convierte en tu destino. “

I guess I need to start working on that vlog before the muse is interrupted. 🙂

Oh, I am looking for original art. I am thinking about soliciting art and using it as backdrops and attention getters. I am going to set up a separate e-address. Anyone interested in submitting anything? I’ll let you know when the e-address is up and receiving.