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A thought about time

Time is what it is amigo mio….time. You are correct TIME does not wait, but TIME doesn’t …or rather, it shouldn’t make you it’s bitch either. 😃

-I am of PEACE…most of the time.


tick tock. tick tock..I’ve never really been much

of a clock watcher, but today is different. I just want out! No that is not really the case, just want to be some place other than here.

I managed to get all of the expense reports assigned to me completed.

Followed up on some travel issues.

Resolved an e-mail crisis.

Shipped some stuff abroad.

Spoke to my mom.

Talked to David a few times.

Tried to ring Michelle…no answer. GET YOUR PHONE FIXED OR BUY A NEW ONE!!!

You Tubed myself into an information coma. Some really GREAT folks are out there doing some great things!

Oz, I finally saw the piece where Charlie interviewed you! 🙂

Cathy, I am playing with your music, looping it. Also, preparing a few pieces to the various points you brought up.

Let’s see, upon returning to the manse, what shall I do? I have to make order, mop the floors and maybe hoover the rugs (most likely not.)

I do know that I am going to watch my most favouritest [ :-{) ] movie of all time. “Steel Magnolias.”

I need to work on my submission for WTF.

Hummm, the weather is not too bad today. Although it is over 70, it is not as humid. (any temp above 70 is not good for my shadow bred system) I might go on a photo taking excursion.

I could look for more shoes.


Past, present, future..a reminder to Julie

we have had this discussion before
in this lifetime and in others

everyone on this planet


you name it

serves a purpose

our goals in life should be(in my humble opinion) to

do good work
be mindful of all we say and do
and remember that what we do
affects NOT ONLY those in our present
BUT ALSO those in our future

and believe it or not, those in our past

(how can that be?)


pensare che i miei amici

ciao ciao