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Thursday, 21 November 2013 : I am SO BLOODY tired of people….

desktop clear-off

…saying that I have a “shitty” attitude, especially when my attitude hasn’t changed…much.

So, because I am a man who, when told – no when an observation is made about my behaviour that I am behaving churlishly, takes a step back to analyse and make the proper adjustments. (If that makes any sense.)

So, lets see, what have I done?
I’ve made it clear that I will answer questions put to me without hyperbole and half truths.
I’ve made it clear, that at this juncture in my life, that I will only do what I want to do, when I want to do it.
I’ve made it clear that if asked my opinion, that I am going to offer it. I am sorry that my opinion differs from the one wanted.
I’ve made it clear that whatever is left of my “estate” will be donated to charity. (Not like I have much) I’ve no children or mate and my brother has more than enough money to live and live well.
I’ve made it clear that I want to “live” and not just exist.
I’ve made it clear that I am not interested in the banal. (Who am I to determine what is banal or not? I am the person who has to listen to the shyte and if all one can talk about is Lady Gaga and the AMA, I am definitely NOT interested.)
I’ve made it clear that just because “you” refuse to acknowledge that I’ve a short self life that doesn’t mean that I will bury my head in the sand and pretend that all is well.

So, I guess that does make me an arsehole with a “shitty” attitude. (jejejeje no pun intended)

Moving on to “passive/aggressive behaviour.” I am, believe it or not, almost a half a century old. In that time, I have realised that instead of pouting and trying to do end runs around people, that I “confront,” I question that person face to face instead of posting queries on social networks or saying less than helpful things KNOWING that it is going to get back to me. then when I ask, the statement is denied. This is what it boils down to, or at least this is what it should boil down to, if you don’t like something I’ve said, something I’ve done, TELL ME. I am the ONLY one who can explain my actions and walking around like a badger with a sore nose serves no one any good.

Ok, I’ve recently posted a “joke” on FaceBook that seems to have folk in an uproar. I don’t get it. Here was the post.

Gotcha! It’s a game. You should have never commented or liked my status. HAHAHA! You fell into the trap. The person who likes/comments has to choose one of the following to post as his/her Status, Profile or Cover photo. 1. We eloped! 2. We’re getting married. 3. We’re engaged 4. Wedding bells 5. Engagement ring 6. I’m moving to another country. 7. I’m expecting 8. Ultrasound 9. I just bought a new Ferrari. 10. I just got a pet Alligator. 11. I’m still in love with my ex. 12. I’m in love with a stripper. 13. I’m a stripper on weekends. Make it believable and juicy! Note: You cannot explain anything, just post and leave it up for a few days and INBOX only your victims. I’m also a victim lol btw this is one dumb ass game.

forgot where I was going with this one.

A pui tardi!



“they” say is where the heart is.

I “feel” homeless today.


How can that be?

God, he/she doesn’t really need your money…

Believe me, he/she doesn’t.

So why do churches ask for so many offerings?

Just rang off with my mom. “Whatcha doing?”, I ask.

“Writing out checks for church.”
“Because Pastor needs ………..”

Ok, I realise that some money is needed for the upkeep of the building, utils, etc. But, four checks, varied amounts…I just don’t get it.

All things must come to an end…

That’s it. Nothing more,

All things (good or bad, helpful or unhelpful) must come to an end.


A pui tardi

como de costumbre, soy curiosa

bien cuando llegó a ser sexy …

Some people are into bondage … and some people are into cross dressing … and some people are into Coldplay. It’s okay, I don’t mind being a fetish.” – Chris Martin

Ok, this is what I do. I see things; I hear things and they get me to wondering…

When did it become sexy to spit and/or pee on someone? Let alone, the other stuff that is done in the name of sexual expression?

ok, as I wrote that, the voice said that I already know the answer to those questions.

Now, back in my day; to spit at someone was a sign of disrespect; of contempt; to spit on someone was just an invite to a beat down period. You know the same for pee. Now, according to stuff I’ve seen, it is sexy. There is a whole genre for it. Humm

So now I’m thinking…
I am familiar with the whole … ahh, theory behind such fetish behaviours, but it just seems mixed to me. I sit here and wonder just what happened…to make that seem enjoyable. I don’t know. I am going to have to explore this. (ewww, no, not personally. The idea of being spat upon, let alone … makes me a wee bit queasy) and I shouldn’t “ewww” it just because I can’t/don’t understand it.




a pui tardi

Por los dioses del cielo y la tierra, lo que está pasando aquí?

Before I start my rant….

The day could NOT have started any better…well it could have, but….

I awake to find an envelope addressed para mí, and in it was $$$$. Yippie! (a travel gift)

Then proceeded to run my errands..drop off prescriptions, consume a little biomateria nutricional and continue my tour via public transpo. Smashing!

Here are a few photos from that trip…

taken @ the Woodruff Chess Park


the East boarding platform


saw this whilst walking about.  It is made from cast off landscaping and building masonry.

Well, those are the “best” of the photos taken today.  I’d forgotten to charge my camera and had to use the mobile phone cam.


All in all, a good day.  My travel plans are set.  Just a few odds and ends and then VA, aquí vengo!


Now for the rant..


You know, I moved my LiveSpaces blog to WordPress, well, because I had to move it LiveSpaces is shutting down.  I was using, and still do to some degree, Blogger.   Long story short (too late) I am not really pleased with the move.  My biggest gripe(s),

a.) THE WORK FROM MY OTHER DEVICES, mobile phone and iPod Touch, DOESN’T SYNC with the desktop.

b.) Titles change, shyte is moved, and the “preview” features BLOWS.  It almost NEVER looks the way it does once published.  And to pepper the blog with photos…..well nigh impossible.

Well…I am done.  I am a bit knackered.


a pui tardi



distilled into a few simple sentences….the past few years have been a reboot…i hope…parte ho finito!

and to sum all of the less than helpful thing that have happened…I’ve discovered (thanks to Iris G. and I guess,  Oprah Winfrey) that..

Forgiveness is giving up the possibility of a better past. –Unknown

It is as simple as that.  Well, it is really two-fold. I must remember that… “Forgiveness is giving up the possibility of a better past.

I must also remember that…

“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.” – Carl Jung

and that by…

Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.” – Carl Jung

and lastly, you are familiar with my mantra….. aren’t you?

🙂 so it was “five-fold.”

a pui tardi