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Ok, I’m also thinking about “peers.”

A few days ago, I listened to this kid complain about his mother.
Now, I will admit, she is a piece of work!! But I kept my mouth shut, until he said one thing.

I would think that we would be peers by now.”

“Young sir, if you live to be a thousand, and she two, you WILL NEVER BE A PEER TO YOUR MOTHER or FATHER.” You may earn more, be better educated, younger and a laundry list of “plusses” in your column; but you will never be their peer. And for your relationship to progress and be less stressful to you and those around you; you need to realise and accept that fact. NEVER

a pui tardi


Americans: Happy Thanksgiving / Everyone else: Hey! :-)


However, me being the patak (I speak Klingon better than I write it) I am, let me ask my American brothers and sisters and transgendered folk just what are we celebrating?

This is how I remember it….

Pale faces coming to these lands, telling the natives, who have lived here….well FOREVER….well as long as they can remember that how they live is WRONG. That their(pale face) way was the only true way, the RIGHT way.

Pale faces telling the natives that the way they worship and commune with THEIR higher power is WRONG. And that their (pale face) way was the only true way, the RIGHT way.

Then after they came, the natives started to die…illnesses they have never seen….are killing them. But that’s THEIR FAULT, because of how THEY lived. That is until they (pale face) came and told us … That their way was the only true way, the RIGHT way. Oh, their God is punishing those who refuse him.

That is what I seem to remember.

Hey, isn’t gluttony a sin? So, I guess this holiday is sanctioned by God and the rules are suspended?

I don’t know. This is where I went…..where I was lead to go, and now I am done!


Hey! Well, I was going to…

…gripe about something. But now I can’t remember.

…share a thought or two about some things that have been knocking about in my head. But, I’ve realised that those thoughts need a little more knocking before I can share.

…finish a vlog that “needs” to be finished, but I just don’t feel like it.

…move, delete, compress even more files. How in the blue hades does one fill a t.b. so quickly? What’s after a terabyte?

Oh well…a pui tardi!

All things must come to an end…

That’s it. Nothing more,

All things (good or bad, helpful or unhelpful) must come to an end.


A pui tardi

Por los dioses del cielo y la tierra, lo que está pasando aquí?

Before I start my rant….

The day could NOT have started any better…well it could have, but….

I awake to find an envelope addressed para mí, and in it was $$$$. Yippie! (a travel gift)

Then proceeded to run my errands..drop off prescriptions, consume a little biomateria nutricional and continue my tour via public transpo. Smashing!

Here are a few photos from that trip…

taken @ the Woodruff Chess Park


the East boarding platform


saw this whilst walking about.  It is made from cast off landscaping and building masonry.

Well, those are the “best” of the photos taken today.  I’d forgotten to charge my camera and had to use the mobile phone cam.


All in all, a good day.  My travel plans are set.  Just a few odds and ends and then VA, aquí vengo!


Now for the rant..


You know, I moved my LiveSpaces blog to WordPress, well, because I had to move it LiveSpaces is shutting down.  I was using, and still do to some degree, Blogger.   Long story short (too late) I am not really pleased with the move.  My biggest gripe(s),

a.) THE WORK FROM MY OTHER DEVICES, mobile phone and iPod Touch, DOESN’T SYNC with the desktop.

b.) Titles change, shyte is moved, and the “preview” features BLOWS.  It almost NEVER looks the way it does once published.  And to pepper the blog with photos…..well nigh impossible.

Well…I am done.  I am a bit knackered.


a pui tardi



Oh did I tell you…

That I have been tasked with trying to “make her like you?” I am NOT KIDDING YOU!

Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen. You either like the Drewster or you don’t, but I am NOT going to “make” anyone like me. Especially if i’ve not done anything to you

yeah, odd right???

Ciao ciao.