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Greetings, well met, hey how are ya?

It’s been a while since I’ve uttered those words. That was my opening on most of my YouTube vlogs. But, I’ve not been to the tube to vlog for (as the kids say) a minute.

Let’s see, what’s been happening? Still looking for gainful employment, but in the meantime, I’ve placed an advert for my new business venture.


Just placed a new advert. The first, well the services those people wanted were services that I just don’t do, at least not for such inexpensive prices . LOL

Oh, here’s piece I worked on in an afternoon.


I just want to put this one to bed. I’ve been working on it for too long.

a pui tardi.



A photo blog

These are moments, captured in time, by me on my excursion to places known to me as a kid.


Grades 2 – 4

My grandmother’s church before she converted to Pentecostal.

At the end of these tracks, the 7-11 store, home of the Slupree and comic books.

Speaking of comics…….


a pui tardi

Allowing my mind to wander….whilst listening to Sigur Ros


LOL, that is why I am not an artist. But this is what came to mind whilst listening to…..

Sigur Ros. I’ve heard of the band before, but not until I watched V and it was used in the first Anna’s sermon of Bliss, that I have worked it into my daily soundtrack.

If you’re of a mind to, give a check…http://www.last.fm/music/Sigur+Rós


a pui tardi