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It has been decided…

As of today……

Right now……

Sunday’s are reading days.


Oh, yeah. Did I mention I’ve started a blog of just my “art?”

Well I’m over on tumblr, but didn’t want to really post my stuff there. I honestly look at it for the nudity and comic book stuff……just sayin’ and Lord Phoenix’s art as well. 🙂

Here’s a link if you’re of a mind to visit.

You are about to enter …. THE MIRROR UNIVERSE OF vedekdrew 🙂



“Even a feather makes a ripple on the pond.”

“Even a feather makes a ripple on the pond.”

That was the start of my response to a FB post I read earlier today. I started with that thought, but have had a chance to cogitate and this is what I’ve come up with.

Shucking this to the cob, I participate in Earth Hour (as you may recall or not), not with the thought that by sitting in the dark for an hour that I’ve made any true change, (but change no matter how slight is still a change) but with the thought that, there are thousands if not millions of other people, all over the globe, sitting in the dark… in solidarity.

We sit, wishing that more people “got it.”
We sit, wondering when will people see that the whole “TAKER” mentality is KILLING US (planet, flora and fauna).
We sit, knowing that an hour is just a tic of the universal clock. But we have to do something.

It is my opinion, my belief, that those who, as I have said before (on other social media outlets) feel the change of season in their blood, those who are “true” stewards of the planet are doing everything to make Earth Hour a 24/7/365 way of life, not just arbitrary day some advertising guy came up with.

I agree, we need to

“change our outlook, attitudes and behaviours in a serious and real way…”

but we need this “feel good stuff.” We need to feel as if we are part of the solution. 🙂 I’m losing steam…… 🙂

a pui tardi


:-) another month out of the way….

#Marchphotoaday @fatmumslim

You can find the completed album at……#Marchphotoaday


see you in April!


a pui tardi

Today I was once again….

…reminded that the Universe; she does in fact take care of her own. Perhaps in her own time, but she does nonetheless.

What happened? Something that thought I would have to “fight” for was given freely and openly.

Well, the advert (for my new venture) has been placed. No serious inquiries as of yet…fingers crossed.


That’s what I’ve been doing of late.

I’ve also been banging a few discussions around….and this really odd theory of sexuality that popped into my head whilst I was doing the morning washing up.

Ok, as I write this, I’m listening to Skye (Edwards) I love her voice. (She also fronts for my favourite all time trip-hop band, Morcheeba.) Just in case you were wondering..

I think I am going to bite the bullet and do it. What are you going to do Drew?


I have to do it. If I am going to return to the world of comic books, what a time to start and what a title. Oh, speaking of….




as usual, the stickers were provided by GetGlue.com.

Ahhhhh, here it is….

Tell me all about your day.
So good to hear from you.
Tell me about your day.
Feels good to speak to you.

Tell me about your day, by Skye. I just ❤❤ her voice..it makes everything ok again.


The other day, actually a few weeks ago. A friend said that she was under the impression that I was a submissive.

Me? Submissive? Have you met me?

Well you always tell me to tell you what to do

That’s not being submissive. That’s to prevent the beating about the bush to ask for a favour.


But that got me to thinking….is there, can there be such a thing as a dominant submissive? Humm, let’s see what Google via Wikipedia has to say….. Alrighty then, I go to Dominance and Submission and the first thing I saw…well, you clicked the link. 🙂 Let me put it to you this way….moving on rather rapidly.

Where can I go from there? Hummmm,


I am really digging this show! BeingHuman(US) has really grown on me. I will admit however, that the original, UK version is my favourite. Not because it’s “better,” just because. 🙂

Well, I think I’m done….my theory of sexuality……I’m still working on it, so until I’ve made more sense out of it….. afterthought, it’s not really intense, and honestly has nothing to do with sex per se

a pui tardi


What the fuck are y’all talking about??????


Dear Many Of My Facebook Friends,
What the fuck are y’all talking about??????
Sincerely, Zack de la Rouda

Now this may be some quote from some song I’ve never heard of, but it made me think.

So, drew, what is so “BOOYAKITTY” about that?

Well, it made me think and ask, what do I, are we talking about?

So, I took a look at my timeline to see just what my friends/”friends” and I “talk” about.

You know what I discovered?

I discovered that FB discussions range from…

health issues (BTW, please ring your parents about any health concerns BEFORE posting them on your timeline. It saves you from unnecessary drama, just sayin’)

Discussions on life and love. I mean, we’ve all read the impassioned, emphatic protestations of love and hate.

Children and pets. Our two and four legged friends seem to take up a lot of out discussions. I noticed that I had/have become one of those people who posts pictures of pets and other folks children.

Books, Television, Music and Movies- I am a GetGlue whore. So stickers about various movies, books, television shows litter my wall. I try to remember to disable the FB feed for GetGlue, but there are times when I forget. Speaking of music….holding on for MORTAL LONGING by Sleepthief.

Personal accomplishments/misfortunes. Be they birthdays, anniversaries, births, deaths or divorces. We seem to want to share them with our “subscribers/friends.” We need and want that “virtual” support.

Our drunken escapades. Is elaboration necessary? sidebar with employers and potential employers paying closer attention to what we do when away from the office, you may want to reconsider those Atlantic City drunken party pics (we have freedom of……STOP, right there because we don’t that is an illusion….a dream. We only have freedom of speech/expression when it does not offend others.)

Our individual causes and those things nearest and dearest to our hearts. And that really ranges from Atheism to sounding to zoology and all things in-between.

But to shuck this to the cob (yeah, I still like saying that), we are talking about are the things that matter to us at that moment. It may not be important to you, but consider this…your postings may not be important to us.

I think that we are reaching out the best way we can in a world where just in order to survive, we have to work 50 hours plus just to make rent. We are trying to build a community, albeit an electronic one, but a community nonetheless. We are trying to connect with people in a world where F2F contact is becoming a thing of the past. We are trying to be noticed.

I do not know if this was his purpose, but Zack……






Really? Are you really going to go there?

How lame is the excuse of, “I lost your number so I couldn’t get in touch with you” in today’s techno/electro world?

I’ve had the same phone number, that I JUST gave you a few months ago. Look in your chat history.

I’ve had the same e-mail address for at least 20 years. You know it. Look in your old mail.

You’ve followed my tweets, blogs, vlogs, soundtrackings….. so that just doesn’t wash!

Oh well, Whatever.

I wish you well.